Additives and components for Lubrication and other Applications

Synovelle ltd offers a wide variety of Additives for Lubricants – Additives for EP, antiwear, emulsifiers, antioxidants, anticorrosion, VII, PPD, etc, together with complete additive packages for many lubricant applications, including automotive engine oils, hydraulic oils and gear lubricants.

We also offer Antifoam Agents for the Food Industry. Produced using our own unique technologies. Potential applications include certain paper processes, vegetals washing processes, low temperature detergents, hydraulic fluids and metalworking fluids.

Also, a Cure Accelerator in peroxide initiated unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and acrylic systems for a acrylic floorings, road marking paints, car body repair putties, chemical fixings…

Other surface treatment chemicals such as Gelled calcium sulfonates, oil based, water based and solvent based, semi-finished and finished products, destined principally to the coating sector.


Base Fluids and Esters for Lubrication

Synovelle ltd also offers a range of Lubricant Base Fluids and Esters to meet a variety of lubrication requirements, including white oils, polyalphaolefins fluids, esters and polyalkylene glycols.

The range will meet many of the formulators needs in producing of products own brand meeting the exacting quality and performance expectations of modern industry, in a cost effective manner.

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