Welcome to Synovelle

Synovelle Limited is a specialized additives manufacturer and distributor of lubricant, greases and products from the metalworking industry. We offer a wide range of base fluids and additives, supplemented by a full range of services to our customers which include advice on development of products, available alternatives, sourcing, logistics, environmental implications and legal aspects of each of our products.

We have vast experience in the manufacture and development of antifoam agents for distribution to the food production industry as well as being major distributors of a wide range of gelled calcium sulfonates for the coating industry and cure accelerators for the production of acrylics and polyesters.

With our experienced team on board, our focus is on offering a wide range of products, individualized service and dedicated logistics.

  • Author : Synovelle
  • Posted on : Thursday, August 30th, 2018